noJailbreak iPhone app Downgrade

APPname   Ver    ID           Note
网易新闻  5.1.0   812406912      64bit

使用旧版本app id在iTunes下载已下架的app并进行安装。

1,Configure to Add system proxy to enable fiddler capture.
(by clicking Menu Tools->Fiddler Options->HTTPS tag->selecting the ‘Capture HTTPS CONNECTs and Decrypt HTTPS traffic’option->clicking ‘Actions’Button, and select Trust ROOT certificate->Save, and RESTART fiddler)

2,Works with your iPhone.
(connect your iPhone to the cabinet rake’s USB port with a cable, On Screen Trusting this device,starting the iTunes.exe, log in your apple id, then authorize this computer)

3,Get the appExtVrsId, and change it to an older app version ID
(First, starting the Fiddler4.exe. Secend, starting iTunes.exe. This time we take the Alipay for example.)

Step1…find alipay in the iTunes store, click fetch and download it. While the downloading is processing, quickly click the downward arrow on the up-right corner and press the Delete button twice to delete the currently downloading job.

Step2…switch to the Fiddler interface, find a link like Host’’, url end with ‘wa/buyProduct’. Single left click it.
Step3…press Ctrl+U on the keyboard to copy the link,and paste it on the bottom black blank,but the paste format should be like this “bpu”. what I mean is you are supposed to add the ‘bpu ‘in the heading. and press Enter on the keyboard.(this step is to add a new princeple to intercept the former link) and now you can find it is impossible to make any change to the IdString.

Step4…switch to the iTunes panel re-find the Alipay in the iTunes store, and try to download it.However you will find it impossible to download this application.(our new added princeple is Step3 works). Then switch to the Fiddler4, and on the left panel, there is a red667 must catch your attention, Yes,this is the reason you cannot complete your downloading job just now. Left-click it and look at the right panel, click the Inspector tag menu and the Textview tag.find the string <key>appExtVrsId</key> and <string>817262937</string>, here you replace this number with an older version application list can be find at(url).
Step5…copy and replace the former version app ID,then click the green ‘Run to completion’ on the right middle panel. and your Old application is now downloading via iTunes!

Step6…drag the new-downloading app and install it on your iPhone. Enjoy!