show hidden item in OS X

The day before, I reinstalled my Mac, but now I;m confused where my Chinese input is, so this time I ‘m trying to write a thought in English.

After reinstalled my Mac, I downloaded the xCode and make some configuration, the I click the xcode, and find that the default theme looks not that good, so I googled the key word like Xcode theme, and get a link in the github(url), there are so many beautiful third-party themes.
Soon, I’m confused about how to install these inviting themes, the I rolled down, find a brief instructions down below.


  1. Copy the theme(s) to the Xcode’s FontAndColorThemes folder (~/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData/FontAndColorThemes/).
  2. Restart Xcode.
  3. Enjoy.

but after I enter the Finder only to find that there is no path to enter the(~/Library…)
so, I start to think how to find the hidden paths or items in the OS X system…

soon, it returns the conclusion:
to show all the files in your mac(including the hidden ones): 

->Enter Terminal
-> knock down  “defaults write -bool true” ->press Enter to execute 
-> knock down “Kill finder” to restart finder then apply your setting.

wanna restore the default setting?
quite easy, just switch the “-bool true” to “-bool false“…