About Me

Master graduate in Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery.




Academic: Computer-aided Drug Design, Virtual Screening, Docking.

1. Front-end(70%)=> { JavaScript, Vue, HTML, webpack },
2. Back-end(30%)=> { Node.js, MongoDB, Queue, load balance }
3. DevOps(Linux/Win)=>{ Python, Shell }


Academic: Sybyl, Discovery Studio, MOE, Precepta, SARNavigator,
Pipeline Pilot, Matlab, Cytoscape, Origin.

Develop: JetBrains, VSCode

Project Experience

1.  Web Service:3D-spetrum based chemical compound virtual screening 


1. Virtual screening through the ocean of 1.7million+ compounds 300*300 matrix, for METOO drug design, chemical space exploration.

2. Realtime calculation of drug or other chemicals with or without the FDA, CFDA and some venders.

The fronted part of BRS-3D web service was designed by Axure for prototype map, and was developed on the responsive layout of the Twitter Bootstrap framework, using Ajax to achieve front-backend interaction. The backend business logic was written on the Node.js platform, and the implementation of each functions relied on several node components, Python scripts, Mongo databases, and high-performance computing cluster. Attention, only registered users will receive results by Email and is able to save the operations ahead of time.

2. WeChat MiniApp

Introduction: As I am a GYM fun, I build a mini application with-in WeChat. Main functions as follows:

  1. Find GYMs Nearby. This function allows user get location, then list all nearby GYMs, user can tap the map to see details then get the navigation.
  2. Make exercise plan. This function includes three parts: Doing, Done, All. User can make a exercise plan to list which part of muscle they actually gonna improve. So they can monitor the GYM process.
  3. Body Tracker. User can add their weight, height, and other values, the APP can calculate the measurement such as BMI. User can also visualize through charts to see how GYM change them.

3. High Performance Cluster DevOps

Introduction: As a DevOps team member, I am responsible for the installation and debugging of new coming units. And doing the conventional job such as hard disk check, IB network debug, Login/Computing Node debug, etc.


GYM, swimming, cooking, petcat


Full - Chinese Mandarin
Work - English
a little - Bahasa Malay & Indonesian.